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Financial Services


  • Financial spread analysis for commercial applicants (loans of all sizes)
  • Collateralization – evaluating the proposed collateral for each business request
  • Lien perfection
  • Loan Memorandum Reports

Risk Portfolio Management

  • Loan Review – individual analysis of relationships within a set scope. Includes analysis of original relationship, ongoing history and evaluation of the credit
  • Segmented reviews – grouping and evaluating the health of a single characteristic in the loan portfolio – industry (food, clothing, medical), collateral, etc
  • Risk Ratings and impairment testing based on risk ratings. Analysis of appropriate risk rating characteristics based on past, present, and future performance of credit relationships
  • ALLL (allowance for loan and lease lossees) – Management of or validation of the adequacy of the ALLL by utilizing regulatory requirements for pooling and segmentation purposes and individual loan impairment testing
  • Historical loss information and trends for portfolio management

Credit Administration

  • Validation of underwriting standards and processes
  • Validation of documentation systems vs loan policy requirements
  • Portfolio exception tracking – documentation, exceptions to policy, etc
  • Product type development and management of required documents per product


  • Reviewing contracts to ensure compliance with the thresholds set in place

Key Topics

  • Assessment of asset quality and internal grading
  • Review of documentation standards and exceptions
  • Analysis of loan administration